Receiving yards for Cowboys’ Amari Cooper during Sunday’s 29-23 win over Eagles

With WrestleMania 33 taking place Sunday in Orlando, our Top 10 list becomes a Top 33 as we present the best 33 matches in WrestleMania history. Did any matches from last year make the list? Check out the list to find out.

With the Cowboys coming to town for this Sunday’s NFC East showdown with the Eagles, Eric Fisher reminds us of why so many Eagles fans hate — yes, hate — the Cowboys and what they represent.

With his strong connection to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, the presence of key players from his tenure as Eagles head coach and the emotion (mostly negative) that he still elicits from Eagles fans, Andy Reid still casts a large shadow over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Putting it on the Line

Posted by Eric Fisher On December - 6 - 2018 ADD COMMENTS

Honesty is the best policy. That’s why I post my records, even when they’re not good, at the bottom of every “Putting it on the Line” article.

Honesty is also why I don’t change picks once they are posted – even if an injury occurs that could affect the outcome. It’s also why I don’t have “guarantees” or “locks of the year” (there should only be one of these each year) or other outrageous promises.

Last week I told you that there were only two games I felt particularly confident about: the Seahawks (-10) over the 49ers and the Texans (-6) over the Browns. I chose the Seahawks as my “best bet” and made the Texans one of my “other top picks.” As for the rest of the other top picks, I wrote, in all honesty,

I put three other games in my ‘other top picks’ to fulfill my ‘obligations.’” Not surprisingly, I was right about the Seahawks and Texans … and was wrong about just about everything else.

I have a better feeling about this week’s games. I’m going back to the Texans (-4½ over the Colts), making them my “best bet.” For my “other top picks,” I’m ignoring bad news about Kareem Hunt and Emmanuel Sanders while picking the Chiefs (-6½) over the visiting Ravens and the Broncos (-4) over the 49ers. I also like the Giants, who have won three of their past four games – and probably should have beaten the Eagles – as 3½-point favorites over the injury-riddled Redskins coming off a Monday night loss to the Eagles.

Speaking of the Eagles, I went back and forth on their game with the Cowboys. In the end, I envision the Eagles winning the game or losing by a field goal, but (and here comes some more honesty) I don’t have a strong feeling about it either way.

Here are my Week 14 selections:

(Home team in CAPS) 

(Winning team against the line in bold)

TITANS -4½ vs. Jaguars

CHIEFS -6½ vs. Ravens  

TEXANS -4½ vs. Colts

Panthers -1½ at BROWNS

Falcons +5 at PACKERS

BUCS +8 vs. Saints

BILLS -3½ vs. Jets

DOLPHINS +10 vs. Patriots

Rams -3 at BEARS

Giants -3½ at REDSKINS

Broncos -4 at 49ERS

CHARGERS -14 vs. Bengals

CARDINALS +3 vs. Lions

Eagles +3½ at COWBOYS

RAIDERS +10½ vs. Steelers

SEAHAWKS -3½ vs. Vikings

Best bet: TEXANS -4½ vs. Colts

Other top picks: CHIEFS -6½ vs. Ravens; Broncos -4 at 49ERS; Giants -3½ at REDSKINS; SEAHAWKS -3½ vs. Vikings

Last week: 5-11 (80-91-8 this season)

Best Bet: 1-0 (6-6 this season)

Other top picks: 1-3 (23-23-2 this season)

Putting it on the Line

Posted by Eric Fisher On November - 28 - 2018 ADD COMMENTS

My Thanksgiving Day selections were turkeys. I went 0-3 on Thanksgiving, including my best bet and two of my other top picks. I pointed out that I liked the Redskins better when they opened as 9-point underdogs against the Cowboys, but I still liked them enough as 7-point underdogs to make them my best bet. Unfortunately, they lost by eight points, right between the two numbers.

Fortunately, I rallied late on Thanksgiving, winning two late afternoon games, the Sunday night game and the Monday night game. Despite the poor start, I ended up with a winning week.

There are some large spreads this week. The Chiefs are 15-point favorites on the road against the Raiders, the Packers are 14-point favorites at home against the Cardinals, and the Rams are 10-point favorites on the road against the Lions. Double-digit lines, especially with the road team favored, tend to make me avoid the game. And that’s true of all of the games listed thus far in this paragraph. But I like the Seahawks as 10-point favorites over the visiting 49ers. The Seahawks have been playing well, the game is meaningful to them in the playoff race and they’re playing at home, where they’re particularly tough. Furthermore, the 49ers are bad. That’s why the Seahawks are my best bet.

There aren’t many other games I feel strongly about this week. The Texans (-6) over the visiting Browns is the only other game in which I feel confident of my pick, but I put three other games in my “other top picks” to fulfill my “obligations.”

Here are my Week 13 selections:

(Home team in CAPS) 

(Winning team against the line in bold)

Saints -7½ at COWBOYS

Colts -4 at JAGUARS  

STEELERS -3½ vs. Chargers

Panthers -3½ at BUCS

FALCONS pick ‘em vs. Ravens

TEXANS -6 vs. Browns

DOLPHINS -5 vs. Bills

Bears -4½ at GIANTS

Broncos -4½ at BENGALS

LIONS +10 vs. Rams

PACKERS -14 vs. Cardinals

Chiefs -15 at RAIDERS

Jets +9 at TITANS

Vikings +5½ at PATRIOTS

SEAHAWKS -10 vs. 49ers

Redskins +6½ at EAGLES

Best bet: SEAHAWKS -10 vs. 49ers

Other top picks: TEXANS -6 vs. Browns; Panthers -3½ at BUCS; DOLPHINS -5 vs. Bills; Redskins +6½ at EAGLES

Last week: 8-7 (75-80-8 this season)

Best Bet: 0-1 (6-5 this season)

Other top picks: 2-2 (22-20-2 this season)

Butler game-winner vs. Nets