Strikeouts for Phillies pitchers during Monday’s 6-5 win over Cardinals

The elevation of center Sean Couturier (pictured) to the top line, with Claude Giroux moving to left wing, has worked out exceptionally well for the Flyers. Jakub Voracek leads the team in assists, Giroux has 7 points and Couturier leads the team in plus/minus rating.

The Greek God of Wrestling chronicles Braun Strowman’s meteoric rise to main event status. Achilles Heel also bemoans JBL leaving Smackdown, rips Sexy Star and for her conduct during and after a recent incident with Rosemary, and provides a link for Ric Flair’s first video after his nearly fatal medical issues.

Losing is becoming dangerously close to being acceptable in our town. Eric Fisher blanches at the notion that losing can be a good thing.

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Top 10 at No. 10

Posted by Eric Fisher On June - 17 - 2018 ADD COMMENTS

With the 76ers, barring a trade, slated to pick 10th overall in Thursday’s NBA Draft,  PhillyPhanatics.com presents its Top 10 list of the best players selected at No. 10 during the past 50 years. It was a lot easier to assemble a Top 10 than a bottom 10 because there were a lot fewer legitimate choices, which indicates that the 10th pick doesn’t usually provide a top-level player.

10. Jason Terry, G, Arizona, (drafted by Hawks in 1999) Averaged in double digits in 13 of his 19 NBA seasons. Career may not be over yet.

9. Jeff Malone, G, Mississippi State, (drafted by Bullets in 1983) Averaged at least 20 points during 5 straight seasons with Washington. Played 2 short stints with Sixers.

8. Caron Butler, G/F, Connecticut  (drafted by Heat in 2002) A 2-time all-star, Butler averaged in double digits in 11 seasons, including 2 seasons when he averaged at least 20 points.

7. Horace Grant, F, Clemson (drafted by Bulls in 1987) Averaged in double digits in 11 seasons. A good rebounder and defender on Bulls’ championship teams.

6. Eddie Jones, G, Temple (drafted by Lakers in 1994) A 3-time all-star and terrific defender, Jones also averaged in double digits during 12 seasons.

5. C.J. McCollum, G, Lehigh (drafted by Trail Blazers in 2013) After being hindered by injuries during his first two seasons, McCollum has averaged at least 20 points during his past 3 seasons. His accomplishments don’t warrant a No. 5 ranking, but we’ll put him here based partially on potential.

4. Joe Johnson, G, Arkansas (drafted by Celtics in 2001) A 7-time all-star during his 16-year (and still going) career, Johnson has averaged in double digits in scoring 13 times, including 5 straight seasons with an average of at least 20 points while with Hawks.

3. Paul George, G/F, Fresno State (drafted by Pacers in 2010) A 5-time all-star, George has been named to All-NBA 3rd team 4 times, All-NBA Defensive 1st team once and All-NBA Defensive 2nd team twice. Sixers selected Evan Turner 2nd overall in 2010 draft.

2. Paul Westphal, G, USC (drafted by Celtics in 1972) After a slow start with Celtics, Westphal flourished with Suns, averaging at least 20 points for 5 straight seasons. Although his career his shorter than others on this least, he was named to All-NBA first team 3 times, and the All-NBA 2nd team once. A 5-time all-star.

1. Paul Pierce, G/F, Kansas (drafted by Celtics in 1998) An easy choice for the top of this list. A 10-time all-star. After his rookie season with Celtics (16.5 points), averaged at least 18 points during the rest of his 15 seasons with Boston. Averaged 19.7 points for career. Sixers selected Larry Hughes with 8th overall pick.

Warriors establish dynasty

Posted by Eric Fisher On June - 9 - 2018 ADD COMMENTS

With three NBA titles in four seasons, the Warriors are officially a dynasty.

The Warriors wrapped up their latest championship Friday with a 108-85 victory over the host Cavaliers, completing an impressive sweep over LeBron James & Company.

With their Big Four of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green signed for at least one more season, and with all of them between 28 and 30 years old, this dynasty may have a few more years left.

Who wouldn’t want to play alongside Curry, who is signed through the 2021-22 season? The contracts for Durant and Thompson expire after next season, but it’s difficult to imagine Durant wanting to leave after the success he’s enjoyed since signing with the Warriors.

The Warriors have won back-to-back titles and have been in the finals four straight seasons. That makes them an attractive destination for potential free agents. The Warriors don’t have the room under the salary cap to sign a superstar such as James or Paul George — unless they trade Thompson and his expiring contract — but they can attract quality role players to fill in around the core of their superior team.

The Cavaliers certainly didn’t have any answers for the Warriors. After missing a golden opportunity to win Game 1, an opportunity squandered when J.R. Smith inexplicably dribbled away from the basket in the final seconds of regulation instead of attacking the basket or putting up shot, the Cavaliers were no match for the Warriors. The Warriors won the next three games by 19, 8 and 23 points. Even the overtime of Game 1 was lopsided, with the Warriors immediately jumping out to a big lead and winning by 10.

The toughest challengers for the Warriors are the Rockets, who took them to seven games in the Western Conference Finals. If Rockets weren’t missing injured point guard Chris Paul for Game 7, we might not be talking about a Warriors dynasty. Other than the Rockets, though, there doesn’t appear to be many obstacles in the Warriors’ way. The three games they lost to the Rockets was one more than they lost in their other three series combined.

It seems as if the only thing that could interrupt the Warriors’ dynasty is James. After losing to the Warriors in the finals for the third time in four years, James could alter the balance by joining a Western Conference team. Imagine the Rockets with James. Or the Pelicans. Or the Spurs. If James joins a Western Conference team, that team would immediately become a prime threat to the Warriors’ dynasty.

If James signs with either the Celtics or Sixers, that team would be elevated to the top of the Eastern Conference. With a relatively smooth path to the NBA Finals, the Celtics or Sixers would become legitimate challengers to the Warriors’ throne.

But all of that is speculation. What the Warriors made clear with their sweep of the Cavaliers is that they are still the kings of the mountain — and may remain there for a few more years.

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