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Galfand picks a winner

Posted by Eric Fisher On April 10

Congratulations to C/haim Galfand, the only participant in PhillyPhanatics.com’s Bracket Madness to correctly pick Virginia to win the national championship.

The Cavaliers’ overtime victory over Texas Tech completed Chaim’s meteoric rise up the standings. Unfortunately for Chaim, he needed the tournament to last another few rounds in order to make his way to the top. Chaim finished in fourth place with with 241 points.

Eric Fisher became the first two-time winner of Bracket Madness. Fisher’s victory followed a similar pattern to his first Bracket Madness title. In both cases, Fisher jumped out to an early lead by correctly selecting first-round upsets — he picked all three victorious 12 seeds and 13th-seeded Cal-Irvine in the first round this year — and then went wire-to-wire for the title.

Rounding out the top 5 behind Fisher (277 points) were Mike Goldberg (245 points), Charlie Fischer (243), Chaim (241) and Ron Opher (240).

The good part about the NCAA Tournament being over is we don’t have to watch the awful announcer “Just OK is not OK” commercials any longer. Illike the “Just OK is not OK” commercials with the doctor and the auto mechanic, but the announcer versions were bad. On the other hand, I prefer these intentionally bad broadcasters to the “players only” NBA broadcasts on TNT. Those are the broadcasts on which former players talk over the game, and you hear a lot of players referred to as “young fella,” which certainly beats the hell out of preparing for the game by learning the players’ names.

Thank you for playing Bracket Madness. Hope it was a fun experience. Look forward to having you back next year!

(Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out all of the excellent columns and articles on PhillyPhanatics.com.)


What: PhillyPhanatics.com Bracket Madness!

Cost: $0

Deadline: Thursday, 11 a.m. (Those who submit their brackets earlier may make changes in their brackets until Thursday at 11 a.m. And nobody else can see your bracket until the tournament begins!)

Rules: Please submit only one entry per person (multiple entries from the same person will result in all of that person’s entries being disqualified)

Scoring: See below or click on the site link

Tie-breaker: Total points in championship game

Web site to enter: http://phillyphanatics.mayhem.cbssports.com/brackets (you will need a CBS Sports log in.)

***Upper Moreland High School students should use a personal email, NOT your school email.***



As stated earlier, we’re going to skip the play-in games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Once the field is whittled down to 64 teams, the scoring will be as follows:

1 point for each correct team in the round of 32;
2 points for each correct team in the Sweet 16;
4 points for each correct team in the Elite 8;
8 points for each correct team in the Final Four;
12 points for each correct team in the championship game;
15 points for correctly picking the champion.

Furthermore, there are bonus points based on seeding for teams you correctly pick to advance.

For example, if a No. 16 seed upsets a No. 1 seed in the first round, as UMBC did last year against Virginia, you’ll earn 1 point for the win and 16 bonus points! If a No. 11 seed upsets a No. 6 seed in the first round, you’ll earn 1 point for the win and 11 bonus points!

Upsets pay off, but you risk losing points from higher-seeded teams down the road.

Good luck!

(Please check back in this space every day of the tournament for scoring updates.)

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