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Putting it on the Line

Posted by Eric Fisher On September 12

The first week is a crap shoot. That’s not an excuse for going 6-9-1. It’s reality. And I said so while making my required 16 picks.

With a chance to see how all of the teams performed, I have a much better feel for games this week.

There is still some uncertainty. That’s why they call it gambling. But I am much more confident in my picks this week.

I usually shy away from double-digit lines, but I can’t resist making the Rams (-13 vs. the Cardinals) my “best bet.” In their season opener, the Cardinals lost by double digits at home to the Redskins, who aren’t exactly Super Bowl favorites. The Rams are coming off a Monday night win over the Raiders, but even a short week shouldn’t prevent the Rams from blowing out the Cardinals.

I also like the Saints (-9) to bounce back from an opening-week loss to the Bucs by blowing out the Browns. The Browns have a good defense, but they needed a 6-1 turnover advantage to tie the Steelers. The Saints want to make a point after last Sunday’s home defeat.

The Bears (-3½ over Seahawks) came close to being my best bet. After coming so close to beating the Packers, the Bears should be motivated before their home fans to beat the Seahawks. The Chargers are giving far too many points (-7½) on the road, but the Bills are dreadful.

As for the Eagles, I struggled picking a side in their game against the Bucs, let alone make it one of my top picks.

Look for a big rebound with my Week 2 selections:

(Home team in CAPS)                                           

(Winning team against the line in bold)

Ravens pick ‘em at BENGALS

REDSKINS -6 vs. Colts

Panthers -6 at FALCONS

Vikings pick ‘em at PACKERS

Chargers -7½ at BILLS

Texans -2 at TITANS

Chiefs +4 at STEELERS

JETS -3 vs. Dolphins

Eagles -3 at BUCS

SAINTS -9 vs. Browns

RAMS -13 vs. Cardinals

Lions +6 at 49ERS

JAGUARS +1 vs. Patriots

BRONCOS -6 vs. Raiders

Giants +3 at COWBOYS

BEARS -3½ vs. Seahawks

Best bet: RAMS -13 vs. Cardinals

Other top picks: SAINTS -9 vs. Browns; BEARS -3½ vs. Seahawks; Vikings pick ‘em at PACKERS; Chargers -7½ at BILLS.

Last week: 6-9-1

Best Bet: 1-0

Other top picks: 1-2-1

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