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Court strikes down ban on sports gambling

Posted by Eric Fisher On May 15

Sports gambling is likely on its way to Pennsylvania. The United States Supreme Court struck down a ban on sports gambling in states other than Nevada on Monday, opening the door for other states to pass legislation legalizing sports gambling.

The case emanates from New Jersey’s attempt to introduce sports gambling to its casinos. Writing for the majority in the 6-3 decision, Justice Samuel Alito Jr. stated that Congress does not have the Constitutional power to give direct orders to state legislatures; therefore, the sports gambling ban is a “direct affront to state sovereignty.”

In addition to New Jersey’s hopes of injecting a jolt of energy into Atlantic City’s casino industry, many states view regulated sports gambling as a huge untapped revenue source. If bets are taxed, sports gambling could produce revenue to fund a variety of state programs.

Details need to be worked out regarding how sports betting would operate. How much will the tax be? How will the revenue be distributed? Will the sports leagues receive a percentage of the revenue?

There also is concern over more people developing gambling habits. Money will need to be set aside to treat addiction.

There also is a concern that, with more people gambling, there will be more focus on betting lines, particularly in the NFL.

Nevada is concerned that allowing other states to have sports gambling will have a negative impact on tourism, particularly in Las Vegas.

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