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Green wave approaching

Posted by Eric Fisher On July 20

Fisher column logo2Standing on the beach, you can see the wave forming off in the distance. You see the wave gain power as it approaches the shore, whitecaps popping up on the ocean’s surface. Finally, out of the ocean emerges a huge wall of water, bearing down toward the beach.

The wave is Eagles training camp, which begins next week. As the anticipation builds into a huge wave of media coverage, the Eagles will obliterate everything on our sports landscape.

The NFL is a monster that overwhelms all other sports news. That’s particularly true in Philadelphia, where fans live and die with their Eagles. Remember the record turnout for the NFL Draft?

Once quarterbacks and rookies report to training camp on Sunday, the Eagles news cycle will be 24/7 through the end of 2017 – and, hopefully, a few weeks into 2018.

No stone will be left unturned by the media horde. Every pass dropped in practice will be reported. Every interception will be analyzed. Carson Wentz won’t be able to pass gas without it being mentioned somewhere.

The Phillies’ moves at the trade deadline will take a backseat to Eagles coverage. The Phillies’ season will be, with justification, put on the back burner.

The Union? They’ll be fortunate to get 15 seconds of air time on the local news. The Soul’s quest to win a second straight ArenaBowl? Seriously?

As we get closer to the NHL and NBA seasons, there may be some excitement surrounding the young players on the Flyers’ and Sixers’ roster, but even that will depend somewhat on the Eagles. If the Eagles get off to a terrific start, it will be more difficult for the other teams to secure a portion of the spotlight. If the Eagles are worse than expected, well, it will still be difficult for other teams to secure a portion of the spotlight.

For better or worse, the Eagles will be the biggest story in town for most of the next six months.

Who will start at cornerback?

How much will Wentz improve?

How much of a difference will the new receivers make?

Will Darren Sproles retire after this season?

Will the Eagles make the playoffs?

Eagles Nation wants the answers to those questions – and many more.

So brace yourself for training camp, because there will be enough answers to satiate the appetite of even the most rabid Eagles fan.

There will be articles about rookies, from first-round pick Derek Barnett to undrafted rookie free agents such as Greg Ward Jr., who is trying to make the transformation from college quarterback to NFL receiver.

There will be articles about success stories such as Wentz and former first-round draft picks, such as receiver Nelson Agholor and defensive end Marcus Smith, seeking redemption.

There will be articles about heralded newcomers such as receiver Alshon Jeffery and defensive tackle Tim Jernigan and under-the-radar newcomers such as rookie punter Cameron Johnston.

There will be a slew of stories about quarterback Nick Foles, who is back for his second stint with the Eagles.

There will even be articles about rookie cornerback Sidney Jones, who is not expected to be ready for the regular season – if he plays at all. If Jones does anything remotely physical during training camp, speculation about his prospects for playing this season will run wild.

The only developments which could slow down the wave would be major injuries to young Sixers Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons or Markelle Fultz, and we don’t want to see that happen.

You should do more than simply prepare yourself for an onslaught of Eagles coverage.

Embrace the wave. Don’t try to resist. The current is too strong.

The Eagles wave is coming.

And it’s unstoppable.

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