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Phillies are free fallin’

Posted by Eric Fisher On July 7

Fisher column logo2I’m not a fan of recycling columns, but, with the Phillies having the worst record in the majors, and with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rocking Wells Fargo Center last Saturday, this seems like a perfect time to revise a column I wrote in August of 2013.

The 2013 team had a winning record after earning a victory in their first game after the All-Star break, but then they fell apart and went straight downhill.

By contrast, this year’s Phillies began their freefall much earlier. They have been trapped in a downward spiral since the end of April. An 11-9 start was followed by a 4-20 stretch. They have only won 17 times during May, June and the first six days of July.

How bad are the Phillies? Their 28-56 record ranks last in the major leagues. They are six victories behind the Giants, who have the second-fewest wins.

The Phillies’ record looks even worse from a historical perspective. If they continue their current pace, a .333 winning percentage, the Phillies would finish with the 13th worst record in a franchise history bursting at the seams with horrendous seasons.

Is it possible for the Phillies to finish with a historically bad of a record? Over the past 64 games – picking the season up after their 11-9 start – the Phillies’ winning percentage is .266. That would be the second-worst record in franchise history, behind only the 17-81-1 record (.173) posted by the Philadelphia Quakers in 1883, the franchise’s inaugural season. That means you have been watching – or not watching – some of the worst baseball in Phillies history. So, yes, it’s entirely possible that the Phillies finish with one of the worst records in franchise history. In fact, the Phillies would have to improve upon their record since late April to avoid having one of the five worst records in franchise history.

The Phillies aren’t merely the worst team in the major leagues. They are freefalling.

Or, as Petty sang last Saturday, they’re free fallin’.


They’re not a good team, there isn’t any drama

Don’t love the rotation and their bullpen too

They’re not a good team, despite the defense of Galvis

And Matt Klentak doesn’t seem to know what to do


It’s a long day again in South Philly

The other team keeps going yard

They’re a bad team because they relied on the Herreras and Francos

They’re a bad team in search of brains and heart


The Phillies are free, free fallin’

Yeah they’re free, free fallin’


All the vampires ducking in Ashburn Alley

Might be safer on Roosevelt Boulevard

Cause the bad guys keep crushing long homers

Some of them seem destined for Mars

The Phillies are free, free fallin’

Yeah they’re free, free fallin’


It’s so bad now we long for Terry Mulholland

A winning streak seems like pie in the sky

The Phillies are in free fall, the second half means nothing

Gonna remember this pain for awhile


The Phillies are free, free fallin’

Yeah, they’re free, free fallin’

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