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Top 10 Flyers fighters

Posted by Eric Fisher On November 16

With the Flyers honoring their “tough guys” against the Jets as part of their 50th anniversary celebration, we present the Top 10 fighters in Flyers history. The rankings are based on the players’ time with the Flyers.

10. Mel Bridgman A tough middleweight more than willing to stand toe-to-toe. The man who succeeded Bobby Clarke as Flyers captain is more often remembered for his three-round bout against the Kings’ Steve Jensen during a record-setting brawl in 1979.

9. Rick Tocchet Tocchet was a terrific fighter. Even after he developed into an elite right wing, Tocchet was more than willing to drop the gloves, as many unfortunate opponents discovered.

8. Craig Berube Before becoming the Flyers’ head coach, Berube carved out a 17-year career with his toughness.  Had two stints with the Flyers, including the first five years of his career. Piled up more than 150 penalty minutes, building his totals with frequent fights, for 12 straight seasons.

7. Eric Lindros Those who provoked Lindros to the point that he dropped his gloves were often on the receiving end of a beating. After Lindros’ first NHL fight, at age 19 against Lee Norwood of the Blues, Norwood said, “I wrestled a bear when I was 20 years old at the Pennsylvania State Fair in Harrisburg. That bear wasn’t as strong as that kid.”

6. Sandy McCarthy At one point, McCarthy was, arguably, the NHL’s best fighter. He was slightly past his prime as a fighter when he joined the Flyers, playing 71 games over two seasons, but McCarthy was still an intimidating presence. Only the top fighters in the league dared to challenge McCarthy.

5. Paul Holmgren The Flyers president and former general manager was an eager and loyal defender of his teammates. Holmgren’s lowest penalty total during his seven full seasons with the Flyers was 168 minutes. Holmgren never stopped fighting, but he transformed himself from an enforcer into an extremely valuable player, scoring 30 goals during the 1979-80 season.

4. Donald Brashear A feared heavyweight, Brashear spent three-plus seasons with the Flyers. He was one of the best fighters in the NHL while with the Flyers.

3. Dave Schultz The “Hammer” was symbolic of the Broad Street Bullies. People often forget that Schultz scored 20 goals in 1973-74, the season the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup. The reason they don’t remember the 20 goals is Schultz piled up 348 penalty minutes. He obliterated that mark the next season, compiling a record-smashing 472 penalty minutes while the Flyers won their second Stanley Cup.

2. Dave Brown The big left-hander was among the top fighters in the NHL while patrolling the wing for the Flyers during the mid-to-late 1980s. In fact, he may have been the NHL’s top fighter during that stretch. Brown returned to the Flyers a few years later for a four-year stint.

1. Behn Wilson Drafted sixth overall in the 1978 NHL Draft, Wilson never lived up to lofty expectations. He didn’t come close to earning a spot on the PhillyPhanatics.com Top 10 list of Flyers defensemen. But he was a vicious fighter, usually battering those foolish enough to fight him and earning the top spot on this list.

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