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5 things that could go right/wrong for Flyers

Posted by Eric Fisher On October 14

The Flyers are hoping to build upon a strong second half last season that propelled them into the playoffs.

The following are five areas that could determine if the Flyers find playoff success or find themselves sitting at home during the postseason.

5 Things that Could Go Right

1. Jakub Voracek gets off to a good start and more than doubles his 2015-16 goal total of 11.

2. Shayne Gostisbehere builds upon his excellent rookie season and follows the path toward becoming an elite defenseman.

3. Ivan Provorov, 19, plays beyond his years and gives the Flyers their second straight Calder Cup finalist.

4. Sean Couturier scores 20 goals as he develops the scoring touch to complement his outstanding defensive effort.

5. Veteran defensemen Mark Streit, Nick Schultz and Andrew MacDonald serve as terrific mentors to Provorov and Gostisbehere.

5 Things that Could Go Wrong

1. Jakub Voracek gets off to a slow start and doesn’t approach the 20-goal mark.

2. Shayne Gostisbehere experiences a sophomore slump. He’s good, but he doesn’t get much better than he was last season.

3. Ivan Provorov, 19, struggles to adjust to the rigors of the NHL.

4. Sean Couturier remains an outstanding defensive center, but he scores 11 goals, just as he did last season.

5. The play of veterans Mark Streit and Nick Schultz decline, leaving the Flyers to rely on young players who aren’t quite ready to play a major role in the NHL.





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