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Finding common ground

Posted by Eric Fisher On July 26

Fisher column logo2My Eagles training camp preview begins with an acknowledgement of the proximity of the NovaCare Complex and the Democratic National Convention, which kicked off at Wells Fargo Center on the same day (Monday) as the start of Eagles training camp.

After additional thought, I realized that location and timing aren’t the only similarities between Eagles training camp and the Democratic National Convention.

Planning: Both events are well-organized, with a specific schedule of events. The best-laid plans, however, can’t avoid the occasional curveball that shakes up the atmosphere.

Speakers: There are featured speakers each day. The Eagles have head coach Doug Pederson, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and quarterback Sam Bradford. The Democratic National Convention has Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, President Clinton, President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Unity: The Eagles and the Democratic Party both try to stay “on message” and project a unified image, with everyone working toward the same goal.

Power struggle: Howie Roseman forced out Chip Kelly and regained power over personnel. Bernie Sanders and his supporters forced out Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after leaked emails indicated the DNC was trying to undermine Sanders’ campaign.

Combatting evil: For the Democrats, the “evil” they’re trying to defeat is Donald Trump. For the Eagles, the “evil” they’re trying to defeat is the Dallas Cowboys.

Color identity: Democrats speak of blue states. Eagles fans speak of bleeding green.

Protesters: The Eagles never had anything like the thousands of protesters at this year’s Democratic National Convention, but there were a few after the Eagles signed Michael Vick.

Return from the 1990s: Doug Pederson was the Eagles’ starting quarterback for the first half of the 1999 season. He has returned this year as the Eagles’ head coach. Hillary Clinton was the First Lady during the 1990s. She wants to return to the White House as President of the United States.

Boos: There aren’t many boos during training camp – at least not since the Eagles moved their training camp from Lehigh, where thousands of fans used to show up – but Eagles fans can certainly relate to the booing by many Bernie Sanders supporters during the first day of the Democratic National Convention.

Spinmeisters: The Democrats have representatives on the television news shows to spin the day’s events in the Democratic Party’s favor. The Eagles have Dave Spadaro.

Overanalysis: When there aren’t enough stories to fill a day – which was not a problem on the first day of the Democratic National Convention – every minor development, from a dropped pass to a phrase used by a featured speaker, is analyzed again and again by the media horde that descends upon these events. And the traditional media coverage is dwarfed by the heated debates and discussion on social media.

Keynote speaker: Hillary Clinton will accept the nomination with a much-anticipated speech Thursday night. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie will deliver his annual state-of-the-team address, although it’s usually after training camp, but before the regular season begins.

Relative importance: Nothing that happens in July and August matters if you don’t win in the fall.

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