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Silent Sam I Am

Posted by Eric Fisher On December 5

Fisher column logo2I’m Silent Sam

That’s who I am

I’m an analytics geek

And I do not speak


Are you saying

You’ll never speak?

Not even about your team’s

28-game losing streak?


I won’t grant the interview

That you seek

Even though my team

Is up a creek


That makes it seem

As if you don’t give a damn

Will you talk about your star

Who’s in quite a jam?


About Jahlil Okafor

I will not talk

Not in my office

Nor while out for a walk


I will not discuss it

While taking a leak

I won’t even respond

If I catch you sneaking a peek


Why do you continue

To evade and deke?

It makes you appear

Afraid and weak


I don’t care

If it makes me look meek

I know you think

I’m some sort of freak


I know people

Point at me and gawk

But when asked for comment

I’ll continue to balk


Some people would choose

Another noun

Like moron, fool,

Or fraud or clown


When you keep your mouth closed

Like a stubborn clam

It fuels the belief

That you’re running a scam


Another issue

That makes me frown

Is what you’re doing

To poor Brett Brown


He’s set up for slaughter

Like a lamb

His finger in the dike

Of a multi-leak dam


I will not speak

About Brett Brown

Not on a farm

Not in a town


I will not talk

While on a pram

I will not talk

At a reunion of Wham!


I suggest you speak

At least once every few weeks

Fans want to know

Why your team still reeks


Like Jeff Ruland’s knees

the franchise seems to groan and creak

Despite all your stockpiled draft picks

The future looks bleak


I consider my assessment

To be quite kind

Although Scott O’Neil might think

I’ve lost my (bleeping) mind


But I don’t like the spotlight

I’m not a ham

I’m Silent Sam

That’s who I am

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