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Foles comes clean

Posted by Eric Fisher On October 29

Fisher column logo2Little Nicky Foles grabs his football and heads for the door.

His mother’s voice stops him just as his hand hits the doorknob.

Mrs. Foles: Nick, where are you going?

Nick: To the park to play football with my friends.

Mrs. Foles: Did you clean your room?

Nick: Not yet, but I’m going to clean it up before next weekend.

Mrs. Foles: That’s what you said last week.

Nick: I know. I’m going to get it cleaned up.

Mrs. Foles: That’s what you said a few weeks ago. In fact, you’ve been saying you’re going to clean it up for six or seven weeks now.

Nick: Sorry, Mom. I’ll get it done.

Mrs. Foles: Nick, I believe you’re sincere about this, but that doesn’t change the fact that your room still isn’t cleaned up.

Nick: It’s not like I don’t want my room cleaned up. I’m going to keep trying until I get it done.

Mrs. Foles: Who are you meeting in the park?

Nick: Just the usual group of guys. Nate, Shady, Riley, Brent. I love those guys.

Mrs. Foles: Didn’t your friends make some of that mess in your room?

Nick: It doesn’t matter who made the mess. It’s my responsibility. I’ll fix it. I’ll clean it up.

Mrs. Foles That boy Nate always seems to leave a big mess.

Nick: I love Nate. I love all my friends.

Mrs. Foles: Well, they’re not going to keep coming over here if …

Nick: Don’t say that. We’ll fix it together. We’re going to clean it up.

Mrs. Foles: Nick, please don’t interrupt me.

Nick: I’m sorry, Mom.

Mrs. Foles: That’s all right. But, Nick, I want to know why I should believe you’re going to get your room cleaned up before next weekend.

Nick: Well, I’m building a database. Each time I don’t clean my room – and even when I do clean my room – I’m adding it to my database.

Mrs. Foles: Nick, I have no idea what building a database has to do with cleaning your room.

Nick: It will all make sense once I clean my room. And I’m not just going to clean my room. I’m going to keep it clean. That’s where the database comes in.

Mrs. Foles: OK. If you say so.

Nick: Mom, is Uncle Chip coming over for dinner tomorrow?

Mrs. Foles: Yes, he is.

Nick: Good. Maybe he’ll have some ideas about how to clean my room.

Mrs. Foles: Now that you mention it, you sound just like your Uncle Chip. He says the same things you do: we’re going to fix it; we’re going to clean it up.

Nick: But we will fix it. We will clean it up.

Mrs. Foles: OK. OK. I give up. You should go to the park now before it gets dark

Nick (giving mom a hug): Thanks, Mom. I’ll get it cleaned up. You’ll see.

Mrs. Foles: Nick?

Nick: Yes?

Mrs. Foles: You remember that trip to Arizona you’re planning to take with Uncle Chip at the beginning of February?

Nick: Yes, of course. I can’t wait to go!

Mrs. Foles: If you don’t get it cleaned up, you won’t be taking that trip. Understand?

Nick: Yes, Ma’am. But don’t worry. I’ll get it cleaned up.

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