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Quiz for Philly fans

Posted by Eric Fisher On August 6

Philadelphia fans have been labeled as extremely negative. The image is so powerfully embedded in both the national and local consciousness that, like Hester Prynne in “The Scarlet Letter,” we may as well have a giant “N” pinned to our official team jerseys.

Donovan McNabb warned Nick Foles last week about getting booed. Former Eagles linebacker, current media member and perhaps future congressman Garry Cobb once labeled our town Negadelphia. And, let’s face it, Flyers fans proudly attracted international attention (Canada makes it international) in June with deafening boos for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the Pittsburgh Penguins – as well as booing every other team – during the NHL Draft.

But are we truly that negative? I prefer to think of Philly sports fans as incredibly passionate. The optimism and pessimism are two sides of the same coin, which is why I sometimes consult Joe Optimist and Joe Pessimist, whom I created to represent the two conflicting views that often co-exist within the brain of the Philly sports fan, in my columns.

Rather than consult Joe Optimist and Joe Pessimist, let’s see which one you more closely resemble.

Take the following quiz to find out.

Your expectations for Chip Kelly’s second season as Eagles head coach are:

A) 11 or 12 wins, a division title, at least one playoff  victory and a shot at making the Super Bowl

B) A division title and maybe one playoff victory

C) About the same as last season, but maybe they don’t win that final game to make the playoffs

D) (Channeling Jim Mora) Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.

Your reaction to the Phillies not making a move at the trade deadline is:

A) Amaro was smart not to give players away. I’m confident he’s got a good plan for improving the team.

B) I’m disappointed they didn’t make a move. Let’s see what they do during the offseason.

C) It’s inconceivable they came out of the trade deadline with the same team they had when it arrived. I don’t trust Amaro to make the moves to make this team better.

D) Amaro is in over his head and doesn’t have a viable plan – if he even has a plan – for making this team better. We’ll be in last place for the next five years.

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie has:

A) An ingenious plan for bringing the Sixers a championship

B) A plan with a chance to succeed, which is better than being doomed to mediocrity

C) Taken huge risks that are unlikely to pay off in the end

D) Fooled the people with bogus analytics and his ridiculous plan, which will force fans to endure years of awful basketball until Josh Harris sells the team, Hinkie is fired and a new GM is brought in to start over

The Flyers are:

A) Closer to the Stanley Cup than most people think. If they could have beaten the Rangers in Game 7 last year …

B) Going to improve because of their young nucleus, but they still need an elite defenseman and goal-scoring wing to contend for the Cup

C) Likely to remain a borderline playoff team because new GM Ron Hextall didn’t have any salary cap space to acquire good players

D) (Channeling Jim Mora) Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.

After throwing 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions last season, Nick Foles will:

 A) Throw for even more touchdowns this season because he’ll be the starter from the beginning of the year

B) Not come close to matching that TD-Interception ratio, but will have a terrific year

C) Have a good enough year to earn a huge contract from the Eagles, but then will fade to mediocrity

D) Cause Eagles fans to wish they could have Michael Vick back

Cliff Lee is:

A) Going to return next year as good as ever

B) Going to need to pitch well at the start of next season to increase his trade value

C) Probably not going to pitch next season after having offseason surgery, so the Phillies will pay him $25 million for nothing

D) Done.

Nerlens Noel will:

A) Be rookie of the year

B) Be a defensive force and a decent presence at the offensive end of the court

C) Struggle to be a decent NBA player and won’t even be a starter by midseason

D) Injure his knee again and join Joel Embiid on the sidelines

Steve Mason is:

A) The answer to the Flyers’ long quest to find a top-notch goaltender

B) A good goalie, but not an elite goalie who will steal a playoff series

C) A mediocre goalie who only looks good compared to what the Flyers had before him

D) A mirage who will revert back to his sub-par play with the Blue Jackets

Philadelphia’s next championship in one of the four major sports will happen …:

A) Within the next year. E! A! G! L! E! S! EAGLES!!!

B) Within the next three years

C) Within the next 10-12 years

D) (Channeling Jim Mora) Championship? Don’t talk about championships. You kidding me? Championship? I just hope we can win a game.


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