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Feeling the hate

Posted by Eric Fisher On October 15

Hate is such a strong word. But it applies to the Dallas Cowboys.

Disdain isn’t strong enough. Revile comes close.

But, when it comes to Eagles fans and the Cowboys, who visit Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday (1 p.m.), I believe hate is the appropriate word.

There are many teams I dislike. There are players I dislike. But only the Cowboys cause the bile to rise to my throat simply with their logo.

That’s called hate.

The Penguins play the Flyers on Thursday. I can’t stand Sidney Crosby because of his whining and diving. I lost respect for Penguins coach Dan Bylsma when he sent out his fighters to attack the Flyers during a late-season game several years ago, causing then-Flyers coach Peter Laviolette to stand on the boards and point and shout at Bylsma. Yet I don’t hate the Penguins logo.

But I hate that stupid star and all it represents.

My hatred of almost all things related to the Cowboys extends to the NFL studio shows. Jimmy Johnson and his hairspray-saturated head ruin the FOX studio show. The NFL Network throws a double whammy at Eagles fans with the distasteful duo of Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin.

Troy Aikman and Daryl “Moose” Johnston are prominent game analysts. Why are so many ex-Cowboys polluting our airwaves?

The sight of Johnson and his hair is annoying. Fortunately, there are enough people on the FOX show to minimize Johnson’s impact.

But the NFL Network show is unwatchable due to the presence of Sanders and Irvin. Even before they open their mouths, they trigger my “hate” neurons with their ridiculous suits. Irvin thinks he’s a fashion plate, but looks like a parody. If someone wanted to make fun of Irvin, they would wear exactly what he wears on the air. There is no need to exaggerate.

This past Sunday, Sanders wore perhaps the ugliest suit I’ve seen on television. The matching brown jacket and vest, with brown stripes, was hideous. I can’t find the words to properly describe the style of the vest except to say it was awful. Deion was the opposite of neon, wearing a black T-shirt with no tie.

Irvin and Sanders don’t redeem themselves when they open their mouths. They represent every negative stereotype of former athletes-turned-broadcasters.

To be fair, it should be noted that the mere sight of Sanders or Irvin is enough to cause me to immediately change the channel, so I’m basing my opinion of their contributions on a limited sample size. Basically, the only time I hear them is when the remote control is out of reach.

It’s not only former Cowboys who generate such negative feelings. Former Cowboys coaches have the same effect. In addition to Johnson, despised Cowboys coaches include Tom Landry and Barry Switzer, polar opposites in personality who are similar only in how reviled they were by Eagles fans.

We don’t have to reach back to the past for our hatred. We only have to look at Jerry Jones, which we are forced to do far too often during Cowboys games.

Whenever the Cowboys score, it seems the television cameras focus on Jones in the owner’s box of his ridiculously ostentatious stadium.

The surprising element of those shots of Jones after Cowboys touchdowns is that he can crack a smile. The man’s skin is pulled so tight from all the plastic surgery he’s had that he could smoke a cigarette through his bellybutton.

Jones embodies so much of what I detest in sports – and in life. He’s a meddling owner, often acting as general manager, who seems to believe that his wealth makes him superior to other people. Who can forget the shot of Jones’ son-in-law cleaning his glasses for him early last season?

I hate the stadium that is the source of so much of Jones’ pride.

I hate the ginormous scoreboard.

I hate the $60 pizza.

I hate the $75 parking lots.

And, of course, I hate the star in the center of the field and all it represents.

Hate is a strong word. It’s not a word I use very often.

But it seems to be an appropriate word to accurately describe my feelings – and the feelings of legions of Eagles fans – toward the Dallas Cowboys.

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