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Heel Turns: Musings of a wrestling god

Posted by Achilles Heel On November 5

You don’t deserve the wit, wisdom and insight I provide you with every week in Heel Turns. And you certainly don’t deserve free tickets.

If it were up to me, Achilles Heel, you would have to pay for your tickets to CHIKARA’s High Noon next Sunday. But my good friends at CHIKARA have provided me with two tickets for this Internet pay-per view event, during which CHIKARA will crown its first grand champion, to give to a reader of my column. But if I’m going to give away free tickets, I’m going to make you work for it.

First, answer the following trivia question: Which team won CHIKARA’s King of Trios tournament this year? Second, tell me, the Greek god of wrestling, what you think of my weekly Heel Turns columns.

I know that in order to adequately describe my excellence, you would require several thousand words, but please limit your entries to 250 words. Submit your trivia answer and commentary on Heel Turns and your favorite wrestling columnist through the “reply/comments” box at the end of this column.

I will give the tickets to my favorite entry among those who get the trivia question correct. A winner will be chosen and notified Tuesday after 5 p.m.

And don’t thank me. Thank the good folks at CHIKARA.


ROODE AWAKENING: The big news in TNA was Bobby Roode winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from former Beer Money partner James Storm. The other half of the story is that Roode won the title by “turning his back” on Storm and – heaven forbid – the fans.

I like Roode and hope he does well as TNA champion. But I don’t understand the heel turn, if you’ll pardon the expression. If TNA was going to make Roode champion, it should have happened in the main event at Bound for Glory. Changing the title on free TV rather than at a pay-per-view doesn’t make too much sense. But it makes even less sense in this situation.

The only reason not to have Roode win the title at Bound for Glory was to create a situation in which he could turn heel. But Roode had established himself by winning the Bound for Glory Series and having a number of terrific matches this summer. The fans were behind him. Why squander that momentum and opportunity? If Roode’s momentum wore off, TNA would still have the option of turning him heel down the road.

I’m not saying Roode won’t be a good heel champion. I’m simply saying that he had the momentum to be a good “face” champion. There was no reason to turn him heel – except that TNA can’t seem to have a main event match without some sort of swerve.


SURVIVOR UPDATE: Survivor Series was an instant sellout at Madison Square Garden. Not a single match had been announced when the tickets went on sale. It was announced, however, that The Rock would be returning to in-ring action at Survivor Series. This demonstrates the ticket-selling power of The Rock.

There is a nice symmetry to this story. The Rock made his WWE debut at Madison Square Garden as a participant in Survivor Series in 1996.

He returns to Survivor Series and the WWE on Nov. 20 as the tag-team partner of John Cena, his opponent at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami. Their opponents are The Miz and R-Truth, but the true intrigue surrounds how Rock and Cena will function as a team.

Other matches announced for Survivor Series are Alberto Del Rio defending his WWE Championship against C.M. Punk, and Mark Henry defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Big Show. Regular readers of Heel Turns know that I would prefer that WWE announce the undercard matches this week so there is time to build toward those matches and make the fans care. I’m hoping for some old school Survivor Series-style elimination matchups.


HIGH NOON: Before CHIKARA’s High Noon showdown, there will be a Nov. 12 event in Easton. The featured bout in Easton pits Team Hallowicked vs. Team Donst in the 8th Annual Torneo Cibernetico. The Throwbacks, the Young Bucks, Sara Del Rey, Green Ant and UltraMantis Black are members of Team Hallowicked. Also scheduled in Easton are Fire Ant vs. Chuck Taylor; Jigsaw vs. Grizzly Redwood, Ophidian vs. El Generico, Gregory Iron vs. Darkness Crabtree; and Shane Matthews and Scott Parker vs. The Bravado Brothers.

CHIKARA’s main event of the weekend, however, is High Noon from the Asylum in South Philadelphia on Nov. 13. High Noon takes place at 4 p.m., not noon, so don’t expect the matches to start at noon. (I’ve always got to explain these types of things for the simpletons in our audience.) Not only is High Noon CHIKARA’s first Internet pay-per-view, but CHIKARA will crown its first grand champion at the event. Eddie Kingston and Mike Quackenbush, finalists in the “12 Large: Summit” series, will battle for the championship.

Added to High Noon this week are Fire Ant and Soldier Ant vs. The Young Bucks in what should be a fantastic tag team match, Sara Del Rey vs. Jakob Hammermeier, and a dark match between Jigsaw and El Generico. High Noon also features The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked and UltraMantis Black) squaring off against Tim Donst and Ares; Gregory Iron battling Icarus; Green Ant vs. Tursas; and Colt Cabana facing Archibald Peck.


INDEPENDENCE HALL: The Asylum will be the center of independent wrestling on Nov. 12-13. The night before CHIKARA’s High Noon show, the Asylum will host an independent wrestling doubleheader, with Dragon Gate USA and Combat Zone Wrestling presenting shows at 5:30 and 8:30 p.m., respectively.

Matches announced for Dragon Gate USA’s card include Yamato defending his Freedom Gate title against Chuck Taylor; Cima and Ricochet defending their United Gate titles against Sami Callihan and Arik Canon; Johnny Gargano vs. BxB Hulk; and Rich Swann vs. Akira Tozawa. Sabu is also expected to make a return to his old stomping grounds at the former ECW Arena.

Callihan will be doing double duty, sticking around for the CZW card, when he will challenge Adam Cole for the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship. Philly’s Most Wanted (BLK Jeez and Joker) will put their CZW Tag Team Championships on the line against Azrieal and Bandido Jr. Other matches include Greg Excellent vs. Mia Yim in an Inter-gender match and BLK-Out vs. The Runaways.


RING OF HONOR IN PHILLY: Ring of Honor will return to Philadelphia on Jan. 20 at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory. I hope that’s a positive sign that Ring of Honor’s weekly television show will be available in the Delaware Valley by January.


MUPPETS A HIT: I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the Muppets were entertaining hosts during last Monday’s RAW. When Kermit The Frog referred to Jack Swagger and “his mother” (Vickie Guerrero), I laughed out loud. The reactions of Kermit and Miss Piggy to Kelly Kelly’s kiss of Kermit were also priceless.


HART-MICHAELS DVD: There hasn’t been a DVD in quite a while that I’ve looked forward to watching as much as WWE’s new DVD on the Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart rivalry. The fact that Jim Ross moderates much of the DVD makes it even more appealing..


TOUGH RHODES: It appears that the street fight between Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes on Smackdown was the blowoff to that feud. I don’t mind that Orton won in the end. That’s the right call. But Orton also won in the beginning, middle and all points in between.

Rhodes made a good showing for himself while competing against Orton. But couldn’t the Intercontinental champion have won at least one match in this feud? Rhodes’ one shining moment was interfering in Orton’s match with Mark Henry, hitting the Cross Rhodes and then humiliating Orton by putting a paper bag over his head. A victory for Rhodes at some point during this feud would have helped elevate him without damaging Orton’s reputation.


LOST AND NOT FOUND: I’m reinstituting my periodic pleas for WWE to stop wasting Drew McIntyre’s talent. WWE should put McIntyre back on TV and build him back to a prominent position on RAW or Smackdown.

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