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Hockey on the Fly: Day 29-New York/Philadelphia

Posted by Ron Opher On April 16

Andre Delsol completed his run at a world record and a personal goal of seeing 30 NHL games in 30 NHL cities in 29 days on Saturday, April 9, 2011! Andre spent Day 29 doing a Madison Square Garden-to-Wells Fargo Center doubleheader, to conclude the adventure. PhillyPhanatics.com covers Hockey on the Fly….

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By Andre Delsol

I had the great pleasure of watching the Rangers final regular season game with a couple of buddies, including what’s got to be one of the more neurotic season ticket holders at Madison Square Garden. After the Rangers won their game, they needed Tampa Bay to beat Carolina to clinch the final playoff spot. Well not only did Tampa Bay succeed, but they did it fairly handily. Nevertheless, Mike (the season ticket holder) kicked a hole in the door of his apartment out of some sort of emotion I can only assume was joy. (read more)…

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Andre’s tweets of note:

About the feeling of starting Day 29: Goooodmorning! What a nice day. I feel like watching some hockey and trying to set a world record.

About watching a game in which the Rangers needed at least a point to stay alive for a playoff berth: Lot of energy here. A lot on the line

About watching a hero from Andre’s days in Colorado return to form for a key game: How much do i love chris drury!

(Other things i love, not having to wake up before 9am and not having to catch a flight this morning.)

About the end of one game and heading to the start of another on the same day: 29 games down! One more to go. Chris Drury number 2 star. Great start.

Arena rating: 4.00 out of 6.00

NHL.com game report for HOTF Day 29 in New York


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By Ron Opher, with Andre Delsol

(Ron) I had the pleasure of finally meeting Andre Delsol at about 5:30pm on April 9th, just outside 30th St. Station, as I functioned as Andre’s ‘car service’ to get him to the Wells Fargo Center as quickly as possible. Knowing that the doubleheader and train schedule would keep Andre from getting to the game as early as he had been arriving in other cities, and wanting to give him a fair chance to see all the good things that our home arena has to offer, I offered Andre and his Ranger-fan friend Charlie a ride down and a few tips about what to check out in the slightly over an hour pregame time they had. I’ll also point out a couple of other things that Andre didn’t address in his game report – that the Flyers graciously provided Andre and Charlie tickets in the Club Box level for the game (the only team that provided luxury seats) and that the game was delayed a bit for the team awards presentations, which seemed to affect Lauren Hart’s anthem performance which Andre graded harshly in his arena ratings.

I did get to ask Andre about cities that he would like to come back to, and aside from the obvious “another Saturday night in Montreal without having to get up early the next morning for a flight out,” an interesting response about Philadelphia after the game was “I’d like to come back here for a playoff game.” The fans’ intensity was relatively high with the Atlantic Division title there for the taking, which apparently provided Andre with a glimpse of what the Wells Fargo Center is like when the Stanley Cup playoffs roll around.

Andre, you are certainly welcome for a return visit during an “orange-out” night in the playoffs. You may, however, advise Charlie (who’s actually a nice guy, for a Rangers fan anyway) to stay in his New York apartment!


(Andre) For a while, I was disappointed I wouldn’t be able to end my 30 game trip at home, but after successfully visiting 29 arenas, I figured it really didn’t matter where the 30th game was. On April 9th, I wrapped up my odyssey in the same state it began just over 28 days prior, this time in eastern Pennsylvania.

By that point, I would have been fine watching the final game in a high school gymnasium, but as it turned out, I wouldn’t have to. In fact, I celebrated the culmination of my travel in one of the nicer buildings in the league.

The Wells Fargo Center is a perfect example of new age arena done right. If I were just dropped inside the concourse and told to guess which of the 30 NHL buildings it was, I would have no problem. Believe it or not, there are a small handful of the newer buildings that I wouldn’t be able to do this with. (read more)…


Andre’s tweets of note:

About the feeling of heading to the last game of Hockey on the Fly: Just boarded the train at Penn Station. Starting to set in now that this thing is wrapping up! Wow…

30 in 29! I havent been this stress free in over 4 months

About passing time on the train: Pulling into philly. Just blew an enormous lead in gin. First time playing. Lost to a ringer

About the pre-game meal: Philly cheese steak. Celebration food!

About the home team not only getting a rare win with Andre in the house, but a doubleheader sweep: Umm 2-0?

About the end of HOTF and the congratulatory remarks streaming in: Done! It’s all over but the memories and paperwork!

For those interested about final time – 679h34m. That’s 28 days, 7 hours and 34 minutes from opening puck drop to final buzzer.

gregoryramshaw: Have been following your journey – congrats!

RLDhockey: Follow this man… just completed his tour of 30 arenas in 29 days! Congrats, Andre!

phillyphanatics: Great to meet you Andre and congratulations!

PredsOnTheGlass: Congrats! Have a leisurely trip home.

ChuckBooth3024: nicely done Andre, all your hard work has paid off-welcome to the “GWR’ record club-you will often draw back on this feat.

Arena rating: 4.39 out of 6.00

NHL.com game report for HOTF Day 29 in Philadelphia

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