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Hockey on the Fly: Day 28-Long Island, NY

Posted by Ron Opher On April 9

Andre Delsol’s run at a world record and a personal goal of seeing 30 NHL games in 30 NHL cities in 29 days is nearing its completion. Andre spent Day 28 with a 3:30am wake up call in Ottawa, a flight to Newark and rail transport to Uniondale, Long Island. Day 29 is finally here, with a Madison Square Garden-to-Wells Fargo Center doubleheader planned, to conclude the adventure. PhillyPhanatics.com covers Hockey on the Fly….

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By Andre Delsol

I spent Friday night in yet another arena I’ve heard nothing good about, and yet another arena I’m not sure deserves the ribbing. Within the first five minutes in the cab to the arena, the driver declared me a Penguins fan. “I know you’re not an Isles fan, because they don’t go to any games!” He clearly had never made it as far as the parking lot where drunk and rowdy Isles fans were playing a spirited game of “punt the penguin”. (read more)…


Andre’s tweets of note:

About the early start for Day 28: Toughest wake up call of the trip today at 3:30am. I tried to tweet that at the time but Just found out I texted it to someone instead.

About the end of airline travel until the return home: Just landed my last urgent flight in Newark. No more worrying about flights!

About Friday rush hour from Newark to Long Island:Made it onto LIRR. I think that was the hard part. Might get there way too early, but better safe than sorry.

Made it! About 90 minutes till gametime.

About the tenacity of the Islanders and their energized fans in their last home game of the season: Getting kinda loud in here. Could turn into a great game.

Believe what you will, but this place is rocking right now

About the Islanders being doomed to the Atlantic division cellar due to questionable player moves:Alexei Yashin in the house. Must be swinging by to pick up a paycheck.

About heading into Day 29:28 games in 28 days. Why not go for two more tomorrow? Last day of HOTF! Unreal

Arena rating: 3.11 out of 6.00

NHL.com game report for HOTF Day 28

click image below to see larger version

Nassau Coliseum

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Next up: New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers (4/9/11, 12:30pm) and New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers (4/9/11, 7:00pm)


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