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Hockey on the Fly: Day 25-Dallas

Posted by Ron Opher On April 7

Andre Delsol’s run at a world record and a personal goal of seeing 30 NHL games in 30 NHL cities in 29 days wraps up the Western Conference. While the host Dallas Stars hang in the playoff race, Andre – like in L.A. and Anaheim – shares his viewpoints as a former team employee as well as a fan. PhillyPhanatics.com covers Hockey on the Fly….

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By Andre Delsol

It turns out I might have been throwing the term ‘unique’ around a bit frivolously over the past three weeks, but there’s no doubt in my mind that if there is one word to describe the state of Texas as a whole, that’s it. My final stop in the Western Conference took me to a building I got to know pretty well last season, the home of the Dallas Stars. (read more)…


Andre’s tweets of note:

About the homecoming (of sorts): clap clap clap clap….deep in the HEART of Texas!

Dallas was the last arena left on the list that I had already seen. The last five will be completely fresh!

About Dallas’ version of the body-stockinged Green Man: Green man here in Dallas just drank his beer through his mask. Take THAT Vancouver!

About the travel alarm: I’m getting to know the early morning (as opposed to late night) side of 4am real well this week. Oh so sleepy right now. On to Beantown!

Arena rating: 4.67 out of 6.00

NHL.com game report for HOTF Day 25

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Next up: New York Islanders at Boston Bruins (4/6/11)


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