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Hockey on the Fly: Day 24-San Jose

Posted by Ron Opher On April 6

Andre Delsol’s run at a world record and a personal goal of seeing 30 NHL games in 30 NHL cities in 29 days wraps up the Pacific Division – while the host Sharks did the same thing with their blowout win over Andre’s hometown Kings. PhillyPhanatics.com covers Hockey on the Fly….

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By Andre Delsol

This year was the first time in a while that I didn’t fill out a March Madness bracket. I was already on the road on ‘selection sunday’ so that wasn’t going to happen. But every year prior, I (like most Americans) struggled to decide which number one seeds would fall short. I usually ended up with two or three number one seeds in the Final Four and never the right ones.

Well if hockey were March Madness, you could easily point out which division winners would be tripped up fairly early. Vancouver and San Jose. Sure, they’ve become goats for perennially underachieving, but realistically, they are lucky to be in the handful of teams that are good enough to win division championships every season, like San Jose did Monday night. (read more)…


Andre’s tweets of note:

About the travel: On a southwest flight to San Jose. Hoping roof stay attached! Should be exciting!

About heading into the last week: Seven games left over the next six days. Thinking back to the 23 games in the last 23 days gives me tired head. Starting to feel it.

Game number 24 about to start here in San Jose! I’m considering this game 1 of “the stretch”.

Arena rating: 4.00 out of 6.00

NHL.com game report for HOTF Day 24

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Next up: Columbus Blue Jackets at Dallas Stars (4/5/11)


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