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Hockey on the Fly: Day 14-Tampa Bay

Posted by Ron Opher On March 27

Andre Delsol’s run at a world record and a personal goal of seeing 30 NHL games in 30 NHL cities in 29 days finished up the Southeast Division in St. Petersburg, Florida Friday night. PhillyPhanatics.com covers Hockey on the Fly….

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By Andre Delsol

You’ll have to excuse any typos or incoherent sentences in the next few entries. Despite my best efforts, I’ve gone and developed a massive head cold from a bug I must have picked up somewhere around Chicago/St. Louis. I cant even hear myself think, its a stretch to believe you’ll be able to. Something I have neglected to do for the entire existence of this blog is to publicly acknowledge Steve Williamson, the man who watched 30 games in (read more)…


Arena rating: 3.72 out of 6.00

NHL.com game report for HOTF Day 14

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Looking back at Hockey on The Fly:

Ron Opher’s interview with Andre Delsol

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Next up: Washington Capitals at Montreal Canadiens (3/26/11)


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